Warrior Witch and Raven

by Scarlett Grove

Everyone has a talent. Mine is death.

I’m Olivia Fanning. It’s been five years since I got my father killed. My family hates me. And Raven? I can’t even think about facing him again.

I have to go back, have to reclaim my job as an executioner for the Council of Elders. There’s an influx of new monsters in Portland, with more showing up all the time. It’s my job to fight them, so I’ll do whatever it takes. Even make peace with my family.

But Raven … the boy I grew up with. Shaman. Shapeshifter. These days, a detective with Portland PD. Sexy as hell … and the only man I ever loved.

We’re bound together by deepest magic ... but seeing him again is going to tear me apart.

I can’t let him get close to me ... can't admit that part of me, deep inside, hungers for his touch. I’m a warrior witch, and killing is all I’m good for. If only I could make him see that.

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Category: Fantasy - Paranormal & Urban