The Witch’s Kiss: The Everlasting Battle Between the Dark and the Light Side (Episodes 1&2)

by Antara Mann

He's a powerful Genie, trapped in a magic lamp. She's an ugly old witch. They'll fight the dark forces... together.

With a terrible curse hanging over Ezemalda and a contract with the evil sorcerer hanging over the Genie's head, they'll have to devise a cunning plan to free themselves and open a workshop for good magic only. The vicious and mighty Dark Prince is out for revenge after their escape. Bringing them back into the fold to do his wicked work is his only goal. After selling her soul to the Dark Prince, a desperate and beautiful mortal arrives seeking the Genie's and Ezemalda's help. To set her free, they embark on a dangerous quest, unaware of what signing a contract with the Dark Prince on the new moon portends.

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Category: Fantasy - Sword & Sorcery