The Wish Thief

by C. D. Verhoff

A girl spelunker rocks the world with her amazing new find. Fantasy for the modern Christian.

Glory Alley is a teen caving enthusiast with a dangerous plan. Since Mom's death, Dad has started drinking again and can't hold down a job. Her siblings constantly quarrel with each other, making home feel like a war zone. Labeled a loser by her peers, school isn't much better. Thinking money will solve their many problems, she sets off to find the legendary treasure of Queen's Mesa. Just as the prize appears within reach, otherworldly beings arrive to take it away, but they have met their match in Glory.

A battle of wits versus magic ensues, unraveling the order of the universe. Only the girl who started it all can return things back to normal. Considering her unhappy situation back at home, surely there's a better option than 'normal', but can she find it before time runs out?

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Category: Christian Fantasy