The Transition of Johnny Swift

by Kerry J Donovan

Frank Brazier is a world class racing driver at the threshold of a career in Formula 1, but he has a secret. He sees things that can't exist--a human-shape he calls Shadow-man. It doesn't speak, but it's always there, in the background, threatening his sanity.

After an horrific accident puts him in hospital, broken, with a shard of metal in his head, Shadow-man speaks for the first time. The words he says forces Frank to re-examine his life and all he holds dear.

"Save her?"
"Save who?"
"Your sister, your family, your world!"

What the reviewers say: "...a high octane thriller that transitions from the F2500 racetrack into a mystical (or sci-fi depending on your perspective) exploration of the border-land between life and death." 

$1.99 Previously $2.99

Category: Dark Fantasy