The Pandora's Trilogy: Complete Box Set

by Kathryn Lance

The human race faces extinction as a recombinant DNA disaster spreads Who can save this post-apocalyptic world?

THE PRINCIPAL, visionary but flawed leader of a fledgling civilization?
THE TRADERS, anti-science fanatics who want to return the world to its “natural state”?
THE GARDEN, women scientists who live like warrior-nuns as they search for answers?
THE DREAM TASTERS, empathic elephants who fear the return of human power?

Or does the future lie with ZACH and EVVY, the fierce but gentle poet-warrior and the beautiful and brilliant young woman he was sent to procure for the Principal’s private delight? An updated classic with all original covers, bonus material and never-before-published scenes.

“This is one trilogy that starts good and gets better with each book." Analog, December, 2015.

$2.99 Previously $6.99

Category: Science Fiction - Post-Apocalyptic