The Lorn Tree (Arboregal Book 1)

by D.G. Sandru

An experiment in a mysterious book causes four youngsters, Nathan, Perry, Melissa, and Michelle to appear in an incredibly strange and desolate world. Trees as large as mountains, scattered across the desolate land like oases, support all life, safe from the monsters that patrol the night fog on the ground. Races of people living in medieval societies populate the giant trees. Known as the Lorns in this particular tree, they welcome the four kids into their world.

Until Hellferata, the evil spirit descendent of Medusa, suspects Michelle to be the prophesied mortal superhero she must battle to the death. Hellferata sends her son, Dracu Mort, into the Lorn Tree to kill her. Fearful of the evil spirit the Lorns move to expel the four Americans from their tree.

Will their ingenuity, cunning, and courage help them escape to the next tree, or will Hellferata and Dracu Mort vanquish them.

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Category: Fantasy - Superhero