The Living Gods

by W.M. Driscoll

For two thousand years, the Aeons have ruled Terra and brought prosperity and balance. But a threat is growing; a movement of heretics is gaining among the people, seeking to break from Aeon rule.

Evading false charges of treason, Makiria and Volar lead a ragtag band of outcasts north to the Wood Coast in search of a safe passage. There, they stumble upon Tome and Ketri, simple Terrans caught in the first fires of the coming conflict. After their homes are destroyed, the two are rescued by the ancient Aeons; living gods as mysterious as the stars in the sky.

Through acts of heroism and betrayal, the young heroes must elude San Zemorusag's Weepers, savage warriors ravaging their homes. But their new benefactors also have their own agenda; a secret that could shatter their most cherished beliefs.

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Category: Fantasy - Epic