The Halo Revelations

by J.S. Colley

The body of an archaeologist is sent home in an urn. At the same time, a video he recorded ten years earlier goes viral on the internet. The video shows him wearing an ancient crown-like object, and acting so odd, the public thinks the once-famous archaeologist had a mental breakdown during his last expedition.

The artifact, which is soon dubbed the Halo, becomes the subject of a worldwide search by those who desire to understand and protect it, and by those who would abuse it.

While each harbor their own reasons, the archaeologist’s son, Nick; his old partner, Henry; Jane Carter of the SETI Institute; and NSA Special Agent Veronica “Ronnie” Vagnetti, all become embroiled in a battle to learn the truth about both the video and the Halo.

What the small group finally uncovers is astonishing. The shocking revelations contained within the Halo explain the once unexplainable, and answers questions that Man never even thought to ask.

But not all the ancient secrets of Man’s past are hidden within the object. Others secrets are revealed to only one of them.

Should the fiercely guarded secrets passed down through the ages and today known only to a few elite organizations and The Vatican—secrets that undermine the theories of both creationism and evolution, and that would shake the foundations of Christianity—be revealed? Is the World ready to learn the truth?

And will those individuals—whose lives have become intertwined with the fate of the Halo—find what they’ve been searching for?

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Category: Science Fiction - First Contact