The Galapagos Incident

by Felix R. Savage

Evicting people from their homes isn't any more popular in 2285 than it was back at the turn of the millennium, but when it comes to asteroid squatters, somebody has to do it. Elfrida Goto doesn't love that part of her job, but if she doesn't play by the rules, the solar system will be starved of vital resources.

Evicting the inhabitants of asteroid 11073 Galapagos is shaping up to be an even bigger challenge than normal. Then a sneak attack on Elfrida's home base thrusts her onto the front lines of an interplanetary war against a terrifying and enigmatic enemy. Now she's depending on the very people she was about to throw out of their homes.

Teaming up with a wannabe Star Force pilot, Elfrida comes up with a plan to save everyone on the asteroid, but it's going to require going up against the most dangerous enemy humanity has ever known ...

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Category: Science Fiction - Space Opera