The Flight of the Griffin

by C.M. Gray

The Kingdom is dying. The Darkness is coming. The balance between Order and Chaos is rapidly shifting and the world is falling towards evil and horror.

But there is hope.

Pardigan’s had enough. He’s only 12, but he’s breaking into the home of one of Freya's richest merchants... and he’s doing it tonight. This will change the fate of the world forever, as four friends are set on a quest, a race against time, to locate three magical objects and complete an ancient, desperate spell to save the world.

Aboard their sailboat, The Griffin, the adventurers are pursued by The Hawk, an evil bounty hunter and master of dark sorcery, and Belial, King of Demons and Champion of Chaos, who seeks to rule the world of men... but first he must capture the crew of The Griffin and end their quest.

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Category: Fantasy - Epic