The Fire Mages

by Pauline M Ross

Kyra has always been drawn to the magic of spellpages. She is determined to become a scribe, wielding the power of magic through her pen. But a simple favor for her sister goes disastrously awry, destroying Kyra's dreams in an instant.

She realizes her growing power is potentially stronger than spellpages or any living mage. The answers to unlocking that power may lie within the glowing walls of the Imperial City, but its magic is strong and the unwary vanish without trace on its streets. Thirsty for knowledge, she feels compelled to risk it. While she focuses on controlling her abilities, a storm of greed and ambition boils up around her. Kyra is a pawn in the struggle for dominance between unscrupulous factions vying for rule of her country. Trusting the wrong side could get her killed—or worse, the potent magic she barely understands could be put to unthinkable evil.

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Category: Fantasy - Epic