The Dark Ability

by D. K. Holmberg

Exiled by his family. Claimed by thieves. Could his dark ability be the key to his salvation?

Rsiran is a disappointment, gifted with the ability to Slide, only he is forbidden from using it while apprenticed under his father as a blacksmith. Worse is that lorcith, a rare, precious metal with arcane properties, calls to him, seducing him into forming forbidden blades. When discovered, he’s banished, sentenced indefinitely to the mines of Ilphaesn Mountain.

Though Rsiran tries to learn to control the call of lorcith, when his life is threatened in the darkness of the mines, he finds himself Sliding back to Elaeavn.

There someone far more powerful than him discovers what he can do. He doesn’t want to be a pawn in anyone’s ambitions, but the darkness inside him cannot be ignored – and he’s already embroiled in an ancient struggle that only he may be able to end.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic