The Big City

by Scott Reeves

Jed Morble, a Big City man, is weary of the endless rush of civilization. Weaned on fabulous tales of the Great Outdoors told to him by his long-dead grandmother, he longs for the outside, but knows he’ll never find it. So he trudges despondently through his pointless existence, until one day, he happens upon a document that points the way to a door that leads to another world—of green hills and vast natural countrysides.

The only problem is, the door is deep in the heart of a bombed-out section of the city that now serves as a prison for the dregs of society.

Jed decides to make the attempt. His journey will lead him through criminal territory and into a vast, unspoiled new world, where he’ll clash with aliens who once decimated the Earth, and will ultimately learn a shocking secret about the new world he plans to call home.

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Category: Science Fiction - Dystopian