The Big Bhang

by Travis Hill

Jeremy Jefferson Jacobs Jackson--Forjay to everyone but his mother--grew the most potent marijuana on Earth. Some said the entire Federation of Allied Planets. When the Galactic Union declares humanity unfit to exist, only one man has what it takes to be a true hero to the citizens of FAP.

Join Forjay, Ms. Marianna Templeton, Ambassador Dave Thatcher, and a large, diverse, generally annoying cast of the Galactic Union's alien species on an adventure that spans both time and the space. Relish in the glory of victory, plunge to the lowest depths of despair in defeat, and scream insults at stupid, uppity, snooty, gloppy alien jerks who act like they're better than human beings (and think they're tough).

EXTRAS: "The Big Bhang: concept"
"Smash & Grab & Loot & Steal" (short)
"Dragons Are Not Your Friends" (short)
"Bears Are Not Your Friends Either" (short)
"Zombie D-7" - (novella)

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Category: Science Fiction - Adventure