Souls of the Never

by CJ Rutherford

A mixture of scifi and fantasy, with elements of time travel and romance. Souls of the Never is a story spanning worlds and alternate realities, where an ancient evil that has hidden for thousands of years, starts to stir. Magic has been hidden from the being behind the Veil spell, but the spell is failing. The being dreams of a blue world, and a girl with yellow hair, and he hungers. He wants this world, and she is the gateway. As Katheryne's dreams become a horrific reality, only Derren, an elite warrior from another time and space, can protect her from the enemy and his creations. But only if he can find her in time. This is book one in the Tales of the Neverwar, a series for young adults to immerse themselves in, and be dragged on a journey through space, time, and all reality.

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Category: Science Fiction - Time Travel