Rumors of Glory

by Dietmar Arthur Wehr

This is a 44,000 word introduction to the System States Rebellion series, which is now complete with the publication of the 3rd book, Rumors of Salvation.

After centuries of enforced peace, the 500+ colonies that are part of the Federation of Planetary States are ripe for secession. A group of planets form the System States Union with hopes for a peaceful parting of the ways from the FPS. The FPS Army and Navy are confident that the Rebellion can be put down quickly and easily. Both sides soon discover how unrealistic their dreams of glory are. This series is military SF that covers both high level strategic planning and the actual fighting as seen through the eyes of several individuals. Before the war is over, the question being asked is not which side wins but rather can Civilization be pulled back from the looming abyss of chaos and anarchy?

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Category: Science Fiction - Galactic Empire