by Michael Wallace, Edward W. Robertson, et al.

Space opera at its finest! Smugglers, explorers, aliens, shady corporations, and heroes—find everything you love in a great adventure in this bundle of 7 space opera stories.

Richly drawn characters, space battles, bold worlds, conspiracies, friendship, and hope. If you've ever longed to dare epic deeds of your own, then these stories are for you!

This thrilling read with over 200 5-star reviews for the individual books includes:

* STARSHIP BLACKBEARD (Starship Blackbeard – Book 1) – Michael Wallace
* ONE’S ASPECT TO THE SUN (Nearspace – Book 1) – Sherry D. Ramsey
* ALIEN HUNTERS (Alien Hunters – Book 1) – Daniel Arenson
* BEYOND CONTROL (The Beyond Saga – Prequel) – Rebecca M. Senese
* BEYOND REACH (The Beyond Saga – Book 1) – Rebecca M. Senese
* THE STAR THIEF (Star Thief Chronicles – Book 1) – Jamie Grey
* OUTLAW (Rebel Stars – Book 1) – Edward W. Robertson

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Category: Science Fiction - Space Opera