Rise of the Gatebreakers

by M.L. Katz

They say that the Goddess hates a gatebreaker, but Rabin Grandtree and Marli Lavare seem cursed to test that theory and each other. Betrothed as small children, the two have been separated their whole lives.

Rabin survives the massacre at Far Point, becomes a hostage against his grandfather's good behavior, and grows up to become a feared martial master called the Red Jaguar. Marli thwarts her paternalistic society to become the only woman to graduate from the Macan Academy.

When Rabin's forces invade River's Keep, where Marli works as an apprentice doctor, she sees him as an agent as chaos. Yet, he sees her exactly the same way. The question might not be if they can fall in love, but if they can survive each other.

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Category: Fantasy - Epic