Recovery of a Colony Ship

by John Thornton

The last remnant of human lives in Dome 17, but it is failing.

Michael and Jamie, a pair of adventurers, volunteer for a risky, one-way plan using unproven technologies. The recovery of a lost colony ship, one which set off over one hundred years ago, but is lost. The colony ships were huge and contained various biological habitats for a flight between the stars that would take generations.

They chose to pursue the Eschaton, a ship built by religious zealots. Does the Eschaton still exist at all? Will the untested, and mass-limited, FTL scout ship, which can barely hold two people, make the journey? If so, what, or who, will they find on that old colony ship? Can they succeed in the desperate trip and then build a working teleportation receiving pad on colony ship?

If they fail, Dome 17 ends, and all of humanity is doomed to a radioactive, dusty, tan death.

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Category: Science Fiction - Adventure