Medieval Tyrant

by Michael Anthony

With the world in chaos and death on the doorstep, the main faction of the mysterious Allfathers turn to Prince Daven and his wife Eliza to unite the war-torn kingdoms and assume the crown. But, even the powerful Allfathers are divided on the future of the realm. After Prince Daven’s younger brother Baret usurped the throne, a torrent of revolution and violence swept the land. While many are in open revolt against the bloodthirsty tyrant who used murder and deception to rise to power, others, including a sect of religious zealots backed by a different faction of the Allfathers, plan to use the chaos as cover for their own plans for world domination. This action packed tale of blades, bravery, and betrayal is also filled with mystery and steamy romance. Find out what is in store for Daven and Eliza as the fires of passion and revolution burn hotter and closer.

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Category: Fantasy - Sword & Sorcery