by Corrie Garrett

The aliens currently governing Earth took Sam Locklear and hundreds of other children to be educated on their home world. They told him humans could be great. That he could be a representative of his species. A hero, even.

But the protests that follow Sam's homecoming to Earth say otherwise. He and the other cadets are both pitied and despised - anything but respected. After a drive-by attack and a riot that ends in fire, Sam is desperate. If he's going to give humanity that shot at greatness, he needs more than their attention. He needs their trust. But distancing himself from his alien mentors is both dangerous and difficult. If he does too good a job, he may not survive to use his new influence.

If you love coming-of-age science fiction, don't miss Sam's thrilling journey of prejudice, loyalty, and leadership.

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Category: Science Fiction - Alien Invasion