Love, Death and Tea

by Will Once

A heart-warming comedy of love and adventure at the end of the world. What do you do when electricity stops working and you and the people around you turn into fantasy creatures? It's a roller coaster ride as Sir Terry Pratchett meets Lord of the Rings meets the Walking Dead.

I was not having a good apocalypse.

When the world ends, we all expect to be one of the good guys - a gun-toting hero in a world of flesh-eating zombies and other assorted creatures of the night.

But what if you find yourself on the wrong side? What if you become a zombie instead of a survivor, in a landscape of dragons, wizards and witches? When your girlfriend takes you on a mad quest to find a man who may or may not exist, while trying to evade a Government intent on grinding your bones into dust?

That is what happened to me when normal life was suddenly switched off. I became an outcast, an outlaw and the unlikeliest hero of all.

This is my story. I am dying to tell it to you.

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Category: Science Fiction - Post-Apocalyptic