Life is a Beautiful Thing (Book One)

by Harmon Cooper

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The hunt is on.

A pollute-addicted therapist named Meme battles his way through his mind and LA at the seat of his pants alongside a beautiful android escort with a surprising secret. With the Federal Corporate Government hunting him, will he make it to safety in time?

Life is a Beautiful Thing offers a shocking glimpse into a dark future fueled by corporate deceit and designer intoxicants. Part dystopian science fiction, part hallucinatory thrill ride, this ground-breaking series will keep you on the edge of your seat to the very end. If you like anything by William Gibson, you'll love this series.

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Category: Science Fiction - Cyberpunk

Life is a Beautiful Thing (Book Two)

Hallucinatory cyberpunk. Meta sci-fi satire. The future is futile.

2083. Rinchi becomes a MercSecure representative and is given her first big assignment, the assassination of a Mexican drug kingpin. On the run from the Federal Corporate Government, Meme and Yeshi make their way to Tokyo, Japan. In an attempt to protect Meme, Yeshi meets with a weapons dealer named Hajime, who offers her more than she bargained for.

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Category: Science Fiction - Cyberpunk

Life is a Beautiful Thing (Book Three)

2083. Meme seeks revenge in Japan and later Mexico, where he is contacted by someone he assumes has been dead for years. Rinchi continues her role as a MercSecure representative, starting first in Baghdad, where she runs into an old foe. Desiring more control over the destiny of the nation, Sauria goes to extreme lengths to intimidate a rival and solidify his power.

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Category: Science Fiction - Cyberpunk