Last Chance - The Legend of the Hathmec - Volume 1

by Bradley H. Boals

April and her sons, Matthew and Connor, have never known the freedoms that regular Americans enjoy every day. They live in a future time controlled by a man and a mystical device that determines their fate on a daily basis. Their lives are planned out as simply as we would plan out our vacations. All that changes the night that Matthew and Connor see a blinding light come from a warehouse window and a decision has to be made. Will April and her family decide to help an old freedowm fighter and defy the system that they have known their entire lives? If so, the search will begin over two hundred years in the past. The family will discover that knowledge, duty, power, and compassion can either work together or against each other as they race against time to just have a chance. A chance to discover the secrets of a power that is alien to them all.

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Category: Science Fiction - Time Travel