Karma of the Silo

by Patrice Fitzgerald

"One of the sharpest minds and clearest voices writing today." (Hugh Howey, NYTimes bestselling author of WOOL)

Karma lives in the Silo, deep underground. She lives with a man whom she barely knows and with a name she doesn’t remember choosing. When visions come to her about another husband, another way of life, and another world, Karma struggles to discover what came before.

Outside, there is only the swirl of toxic clouds and an endless darkness broken by the rare glimpse of a faded sun or a dim star.

Slowly, Karma learns where the real power is, and how to survive in this hellish concrete cylinder. Birth, death, uprisings and cleanings come and go, but still she carries on.

This is a full-length novel based on Hugh Howey's WOOL series, written and published with his explicit permission.

$0.99 Previously $5.99

Category: Science Fiction - Post-Apocalyptic