It Rained Red Upon The Arena

by Kenneth Champion

Everyone fears a sentence in the arena...

Nick Bint is a seventeen year old who has trained everyday of his life in order to become an honored Refect in the land of Hentrio when he would finally come of age. The Refect serve the king and guard Hentrio’s cities in order to keep its citizens safe. With so many gifted individuals who can cast destructive magic or master swordsmanship in a short amount of time; violent crime is a relentless problem. Nick wanted nothing more than to do his part and protect the good citizens of Hentrio…

However, through a slew of ill-fated events of one night, Nick finds himself with a bloody dagger in his right hand. He stands still as blood drips to the floor beneath him. The Refect storm in, put Nick's hands behind his back, and arrest him. Nick is sentenced to two years in the Vincot City Arena. Every citizen fears a sentence in the arena because only the greatest of warriors can survive past six months.

Nick must now fight for his life in front of the lively crowds of the arena, day in, and day out. Every inmate within the cells below the arena is a potential combatant to fight to the death with. He will have to face the harsh mental and physical torment the arena has to offer. The sands of the arena are the foundation of the epic quest Hentrio has in store for young Nick.

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Category: Fantasy - Sword & Sorcery