Eve of the Hunter Wars

by SD Tanner

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Gears, Pax and TL met when they were ten years old after being shunted from one foster home to another. Bonded by their childhood they grow up to join the US Army together. When a virus erupts, that turns most of mankind into homicidal killers, the three men take on the mission to kill all hunters and restore order.On their journey, they save a woman who can kill the hunters with a touch. All looks promising until it becomes clear that something else has taken advantage of the virus and their enemy is more dangerous and determined than they bargained for. Slowly, the face of their true enemy is revealed.

Set in a world gone to hell, this series evolves into a unique post-apocalyptic vision.

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Category: Science Fiction - Post-Apocalyptic

Heaven Meets Hell

Gears, Pax and TL are brothers and soldiers in the US Army when the world comes to an abrupt halt. Thrust into the apocalypse, they decide mankind deserves another chance. Their ruling puts them at the centre of an epic battle between good and evil, and they uncover the hidden truth behind the Devil in the land of the undead.

Along the way, they meet a woman they name Ip and their true role is revealed.

New friends are found, but the face of evil makes its presence known in the safety of their bases. Pax makes a mistake and Ip pays the price, but Gears refuses to let his new enemy rule the day.

$0.99 Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction - Post-Apocalyptic