Guardians of the Portal Trilogy (Boxed Set)

by RA Marshall

The Guardians of the Portal Trilogy consists of three books -- The Portal & the Panther, The Girl Between Worlds, and The Rook & the King. In the first book, readers meet Jon Parker, a teen who thinks he's an ordinary guy until the day he stumbles into the boys bathroom and transforms into a panther. Jon learns that he inherited his ability -- and his new responsibility -- from his long-dead mother, who died protecting a portal connecting our world to multiple others. Book two follows Kristin Krull, Jon's troubled best friend, as she learns about this mysterious new part of Jon's life and deals with problems of her own. Book three follows Layla Sampson, Jon's fellow shapeshifter, as she fights to escape her captors and find her way back home.

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Category: Fantasy - Coming of Age