Glorious Incorporated

by Steven Neil Moore

Joshua Arden suffered a lot during his childhood. But throughout all his struggles he remained resilient and held his head up high. A young, headstrong college graduate, Joshua and his best friend move to New York City to fulfill their dream of entering the corporate life and making a difference.

But things are not as they seem... like they never are. Joshua's dream job at Jonah International allows him to help those who cannot help themselves, to enable a difference and change. He is not swayed by the corporate trappings of greed, power, and money - which becomes problematic for another corporation, bent on his destruction. The CEO of Alastar-McGlocklin has been given orders from his superiors to track a high-level asset, one that will mean the difference between winning an unknown war. A war that is oblivious to most of mankind, but has been raging for centuries.

Joshua is thrown into a world full of religious relics, advanced technology, unexplainable situations and epic confrontations. Through these adventures he uncovers a secret; that the events in his life have been shaped since his birth.

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Category: Science Fiction - Metaphysical & Visionary