Free Fire Zone

by Rod Carstens

Vin Tanner was running for his life.

He had no idea why a Special Action squad was trying to kill him and his team. All he knew was that they were chasing him through urban wasteland that had been a major metropolitan area. He had worked in the Wild Areas and Free Fire Zones for ten years. Now he was one of the hunted.

He’d joined the Resource Security Force to assure the scarce food, and water was evenly divided. Yet over the years his role changed it had become stand by, stand down and just report as gangs had gained more and more power. Corporations thrived while ordinary men and women struggled daily to survive yet he was ordered to not to interfere.

Vin and his team were not important enough to rate a Corporate Special Action squad; they had gotten in the way of something. Something or someone who was much bigger and more important than a Resource Security team.

Who was the real target?

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Category: Science Fiction - Dystopian