by Petteri Hannila

Vierra is a young, extraordinary woman from the dark reaches of the far north. Her life is about to take a drastic turn, as both men and spirits attempt to take away everything she holds dear.

But she is not content in letting her life burn in flames of chaos. With a will of iron, sharp wit and deadly aim, she will not give up until the very last of her resources have been spent.

Fate, however, has more in store for the young woman. She is to become the Fargoer: one who wanders across the known world for her destiny. Can Vierra find her way in these times of turmoil, overcome the numerous adversities and enemies she is pitted against, and claim what is rightfully hers?

A tale of legend and destiny, Fargoer is a fantasy story full of adventure and ancient mythology.

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Category: Fantasy - Myths & Legends