The Seventh Princess by Matt Larkin

The Seventh Princess

by Matt Larkin

Claim the Sea … Embrace Destiny

In every generation a Princess is born to each island of Sawaiki, blessed with the power to control a single aspect of the natural world. Namaka’s power is arguably the most valuable of them all–in a world of archipelagos and endless ocean, she control the seas themselves.

The mer people of the Worldsea despise her for this power over their domain, all the more so because she can barely control her gift. At war amongst themselves, they harness this uncontrolled power by possessing Namaka with a mermaid spirit–turning her into one of them. As Namaka struggles to accept this new existence, she’s faced with conflict above the waves and war below. And if she cannot control her powers, both her worlds face annihilation.

The Seventh Princess is an original historical fantasy novel based on Hawaiian and Polynesian mythology. If you love Hawaiian princesses, mermaids, island gods, and tragic mythology, do not miss this new adventure.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends

The Burning Princess

by Matt Larkin

Passions flare and adventure erupts.

The explosive Princess of Flame, Pele, is on a mission. Her half-demon father has terrorized the Big Island long enough, burning and killing people for no crime worse than living. Even if Pele didn’t have an obligation to protect her people, she knows she has to stop her father’s reign of terror.

But Pele has more problems than just her father. A dark spirit haunts the site of her father’s last attack, a ghost even the kahuna cannot seem to banish. And now visitors arrive on the Big Island–unwelcome foreigners and the volatile Sea Princess herself. Pele cannot allow them to wreak the same devastation on her island they did on Namaka’s.

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The Madness Project by J. Leigh Bralick

The Madness Project

by J. Leigh Bralick

The day of his seventeenth birthday, Prince Tarik’s world turns upside down. An assassination attempt on his father’s life leaves his country reeling, and everything points to a society of mages buried deep in Brinmark’s sordid south streets. The mages, feared and hated for a century, suddenly find that they have become a target.

The only problem is, Tarik is also a mage, a secret he has kept since he was five years old. No mage would ever be allowed on the throne, and if the world discovered Tarik’s secret, his crown would not be the only thing in peril.

But Tarik’s unique magical ability makes him the only person in the royal court capable of discovering the truth behind the attack. Sent in disguise to the south streets, Tarik quickly discovers that the truth is not always what you expect to hear, friendship grows where you least expect…and some secrets are better left buried.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

A Dark So Deep

by J. Leigh Bralick

Everything Tarik and Hayli have worked so hard to achieve stands in the balance. With his country hovering on the brink of a world war, Tarik must decide where his alliances stand, and how far he will go to protect the rights of the mages whom society seems bent on destroying.

But nothing is easy with Hayli struggling to keep her sanity, and Tarik slowly coming to realize just how tenuous his own grip on reality really is. His control over his magic is slipping. And just when he thought he understood the battle he was facing within the royal court, he uncovers a political plot that gives the lie to everything he had believed to be true.

As the conflict escalates and innocent people’s lives come in jeopardy, Tarik must decide, once and for all, where his loyalties truly lie.

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Outview by Brandt Legg



by Brandt Legg

There is a secret so powerful that, once known, the world will never be the same. For centuries they have died to protect it. Nate found it. They know he did. Across time and dimensions they are after him . . .

Nate embarks on a breathless quest to save his brother and unravel the mystery of their father’s death. His desperate flight takes a stunning turn when, along with three school friends, he encounters mystics who teach forgotten skills and lost wisdom and reveal an extraordinary destiny. This fast paced conspiracy thriller, set in present day Oregon and California, pits Nate and his friends against a corrupt and powerful unit deep within the US government and begins a saga which will leave you questioning everything.

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Heart of Ice by K. M. Shea

Heart of Ice

by K. M. Shea

Rakel, a princess by birth, has spent most of her life exiled on a barren mountain, despised because of her powerful snow magic. Though she longs to be accepted, she hides in her ice-castle and lives with the fear that her brother—the King—will one day order her execution.

Her empty life changes forever when an army of magic users—led by the enigmatic Colonel Farrin Graydim—invade her home country with plans to enslave its citizens. Swallowing her fear, Rakel joins forces with her jailers and tries to use her magic to save the people who scorned her.

But does too much rest on Rakel and her strained relationship with her people? For if she cannot defend her homeland…the country will be lost.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Night Goddess (The Goddess Prophecies Book 1) by A. Evermore

Night Goddess (The Goddess Prophecies Book 1)

by A. Evermore

A world on the edge of Oblivion. An ancient prophecy awakening. A young woman terrified of her destiny.

He came through the Dark Rift that tears apart the night sky hunting for those who had escaped his wrath. Unchecked, his evil spread. Now, the world hangs on a knife-edge and all seems destined to fall. But a Goddess has awakened and an ancient prophecy is set in motion.

Fleeing from Dread Dragons who destroyed her home and murdered her family, Issa is thrown into the battle for the fate of the world. When the goddess speaks to her, she discovers she has magical powers beyond her wildest dreams—or worst nightmares.

An epic fantasy adventure series that draws on all the appeal of Tolkien’s deep and soulful characters, Robert Jordan’s sweeping worlds, and the ancient romance of Arthurian mythology. This is a story full of spirit, determination and resilience.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

The Fall of Celene (The Goddess Prophecies Book 2)

by A. Evermore

“My name is Issa and I am hunted. I hold a power that I neither understand nor can barely control…”

The battle for Maioria has begun. Issa faces a deadly enemy as the Immortal Lord’s attention turns fully in her direction. Nothing will stand in Baelthrom’s way—he must destroy this new power that grows with the rising dark moon… or assimilate it.

Hameka, a cunning, ruthless and brilliant commander, takes his savage fleet of undead to the tranquil shores of Celene. Cirosa, her plans thwarted, hungers for revenge.

The warrior within is awakening but only by embracing the Raven Queen of prophecy can Issa hope to face the darkness that threatens to consume her.

This heart-filled, harrowing fantasy is filled with the best the genre has to offer: dragons and magic, heroines, sword and sorcery, shapeshifters, fantastical creatures, epic battles, and a touch of romance.

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True Alpha (Shifters in Seattle 1) : New Adult Paranormal Romance by Alisa Woods

True Alpha (Shifters in Seattle 1) : New Adult Paranormal Romance

by Alisa Woods

Mia is just a college girl trying to earn her degree—being a shifter is something she hides, hoping her secret won’t sabotage her dreams. Shifters live in the shadows, dangerous and criminal. At least, that’s what she thinks until a wolf saves her from an attack in an alleyway… and then turns up as the hot boss at her new dot-com internship.

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Category: Fantasy – New Adult & College