Exile’s Redemption

by Lee Dunning

After four hundred years, the Elven Nation has finally reestablished a presence on the mainland of Allasea. With their return, the elves have built the city of Second Home, open to all who would come to study.

For Raven, a young Shadow Elf historian, it’s an opportunity for her to research the truth about Umbral K’hul, a god-like boy whose attempted patricide and subsequent banishment triggered a civil war which fractured the Elven Nation.

A sinister presence sees the elves’ return as a chance to fill the city with a demonic army. But along with the demons strides another: Umbral K’hul has escaped exile.

Now, the elves’ greatest pariah and an untested heroine must face an enemy bent on genocide. In the process they will discover secrets their people have kept for thousands of years. Secrets which could prove even more devastating than the demons.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic