Duel in the Dark

by Jay Allan

War beckons, and all along the disputed frontier the forces of the Confederation are deployed to face the fleets of the totalitarian Union. But there is trouble elsewhere, on the far Rim, hundreds of lightyears from the battle lines…and only a single vessel is close enough to respond, an aging battleship called Dauntless.

Captain Tyler Barron is the grandson of the Confederation’s greatest hero, the father of the modern navy. His family name has always carried privilege with it, and crushing responsibility too. Now he must prove he has inherited more from his famous grandfather than the Barron name. He and the crew of Dauntless must face a deadly invader, alone and without help, and win the victory by whatever means, at whatever cost…before the Confederation is caught between two enemies and destroyed.

Previously $4.99

Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera