by Cecilia London

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In a new America where no one can be trusted, Caroline Gerard lies unconscious in a government hospital. She is a dissident, wanted for questioning by a brutal regime. As she recovers from her injuries, all she has are her memories of a rich and beautiful past.

As Caroline clings to life her thoughts drift to before the regime, when she was a rising star in the House of Representatives, widowed, and raising two precocious children. She remembers her unexpected attraction to fellow politician (and known playboy) Jack McIntyre. Jack captures her attention with his rakish grin, disarming attitude, and dry wit, and their friendship blossoms into much more.

Under the new system, Caroline doesn't know what to believe, even her own vivid memories. Is the life she led real, or just a mirage? Is Jack truly the one to help her move on? Or are they just pawns in a political power play?

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Category: Science Fiction - Dystopian


An escape plan foiled…A determined woman…One last tiny sliver of hope...Jack will find me.

The Fed wants answers. And Caroline is determined not to provide them. They pull out all the stops, testing her sanity, testing her strength, testing her humanity.

Jack will find me.

Subject to cruel and merciless treatment at the hands of a government she once trusted, Caroline clings to her sole lifeline, her only chance at maintaining her tenuous hold on reality: her memories of her husband, Jack, her children, Marguerite and Sophie, and the friends who mean the world to her.

Jack will find me.

But what happens when hope starts to fade? How long until her interrogators cross over into the unspeakable sadism she fears ? How long before she finally breaks apart?

Conscience must be read after the first book in The Bellator Saga, Dissident.

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Category: Science Fiction - Dystopian