Dell Zero

by C. L. Ervin

Into a sexless, controlled society of drug-induced immortals comes Dell, a rare, untainted human with female characteristics.

"I call myself Dell, but my name is unrecorded. I've always been hidden, sheltered by my guardians on the outlands of the Chapter. Now my guardians are gone, reassigned. They will not remember me. I am young. I want to be loved, to be touched. Is there anyone in the Chapter like me? I have no number. My identity band is false--it hangs loose, unconnected to my veins. It won’t get me into the Chapter. If I do get in, I’ll live forever, but I know what forever is like for my guardians. I will no longer be me. I am Dell--Dell Zero--untransformed and mortal. I will make my own way."

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Category: Science Fiction - Dystopian