Crimson Worlds Collection I

by Jay Allan

The first three books of the bestselling Crimson Worlds series (over 600,000 sold) in one discounted collection. 

Marines (Book 1) - Introduces Erik Cain and the Alliance Marines, one of the greatest fighting forces in history. Erik and his comrades go into battle in AI-assisted, nuclear powered armor that makes each Marine the equivalent of a company of conventional troops.

The Cost of Victory (Book 2) - The war between the Superpowers continues, and Cain and the Marines fight one deadly battle after another, driving forward toward the ultimate victory. But what cost will they have to pay for peace.

A Little Rebellion (Book 3) - The war is over, and the corrupt and bankrupt Alliance is cracking down on its colonies, bleeding them dry to pay the costs of war. But the colonists have their own rallying cry. A little rebellion, now and then, is a good thing.

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Category: Science Fiction - Military