Claim of the Alien God

by Taylor Neptune

When a bomb goes off before one of Kaley’s performances, she’s shaken. She’s wary of booking private shows, especially off-ship, but after the ship slashes her income to a fraction of what it was before, she’s faced with an offer that she can’t refuse. She finally agrees when she thinks about how much the money will mean for her family members.

Her first moments on her new temporary employer’s expensive dragon spaceship are lovely. She doesn’t anticipate the sinister undercurrent of the guardian priest’s true reasons for bringing her aboard the ship. She’s surprised when the ship steals her away right as her contract is supposed to end.

Faced with a mesmerizingly handsome prince-godling, Prince Jesaja, who has been kept completely innocent and isolated, she struggles with her attraction to him and her own abduction. Could he be involved?

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Category: Science Fiction - Galactic Empire