by N.J. Tanger

The fate of Earth's first colony rests on the shoulders of a pair of misfits: Theo Puck, a rogue hacker with a gift for speaking to machines, and Selena Samuelson, a brash but talented pilot with a dark secret in her past.

Earth went silent over a decade ago. No contact, no resupply. The Chimera, the colony ship that brought the colonist to the Elypso system, is the only means of contacting Earth. However, two centuries of disrepair have taken a heavy toll on her: the AI that allows travel between distant stars is lost in unending sleep, and the ship’s hull has been ravaged by scavengers.

Conscripted by the mandate to restore and crew the Chimera, Theo and Selena must make brutal choices to survive as a talented sociopath works behind the scenes to destroy their chances at saving their colony.

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Category: Science Fiction - Colonization