Brooding City

by Tom Shutt

Detective Brennan is confronted with his past crimes while on the trail of a violent drug lord…

Cursed with the supernatural ability to know when others are lying to him, Arthur Brennan, homicide detective with Odols Police Department, sees deception everywhere he looks.

Following a betrayal at the hands of fellow Sleepers several years ago, Brennan has left behind the life of a clandestine dream-stalking assassin and taken up a silver detective’s badge. The eyeless corpse of a dead pharmacist sets Brennan on the hunt for a ruthless madman, one whose product is leaving its own mounting body count.

Brooding City is the first installment in a series that promises to grip readers of all genres. With fast-paced action and touching emotional moments blended seamlessly together, Brooding City delivers unrelenting entertainment and intrigue in a city full of nightmares.

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Category: Fantasy - Paranormal & Urban