Before the Full Moon Rises

by M.J. Bell

Bedtime stories of monstrous creatures had always been Deston's favorite, but he never believed they were real until his mom mysteriously vanishes and he stumbles into the mystic realm of Tir na-nÓg. That's when he discovers the awful truth that these creatures are not only real, they kidnapped his mom and are intent on destroying his whole family.

With his friend, Margaux, and Excalibur’s twin brother sword at his side, Deston sets off in a race to rescue his mom before the full moon rises, facing unimaginable obstacles along the way: an attack by gremlin-like creatures; captured by 6-ft tall vampire bats; hunted by a giant wolf, and almost lost forever in the mist of Avalon. But he made a vow to do whatever it takes to bring his mother back, even fight the devil himself if he had to. The thing is … when he made that pledge he had no idea how close he’d come to doing just that!

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Category: Fantasy - Arthurian