Arcene & The Blue Castle

by Al K. Line

Kick-ass sword? Check. Kilt? Check. Spare ribbon for pigtails? Check. Long socks with pink bunnies? Check. Leel, the stupid dog? Woof. Ready for adventure? Hell yeah!

Arcene took one last look in the mirror, twirled so her kilt swished, her silver hair bounced and her sword nearly sliced off Leel's ear, then closed the door to her home and stepped out into the madness.

Giant dogs, strange castles, ravaged cities, problems with sticks (yes, really), rooms that try to kill you just for fun, the occasional panther, dealing with stinky feet, trying to learn how to be young again, encounters with the rat people, and failing to understand the broken minds of corrupt men — If 15-year-old (sort of) Arcene had known what she was about to let herself in for then she would have gone anyway; she’s just that kind of a gal.

Hold on tight, the ride’s about to start.

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Category: Science Fiction - Adventure