Alien Warrior's Captive Earthling: SciFi Alien Romance

by Kat Emm

Zyn is an ice-cold alpha alien. All emotion has been tortured out of him, and now he is a weapon with fangs. Until he meets her. She has his species most desired food … her hot blood. He didn’t think Tellurians still lived, but now he has rescued one. He thought he was ice … and had no feelings. He thought he was only good at one thing … being a lethal warrior. But the Tellurian named Anna, a soft civilian, battles him at every turn. She is as beautiful as she is vexing and outspoken, and she is getting under his icy control.

Anna wants her freedom, but she never imagined an alien with a rocking hot body and icy control would be the one to save her. But if he doesn’t listen to her soon, she’s going to have to take him down … with a kiss, just to show him who is really the boss.

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Category: Science Fiction - Adventure