Pandora's Memories (The Usurper's War Book One)

by James Young

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December 1943. Adolf Hitler is dead. The Wehrmacht is at the gates of Moscow. With the Red Air Force bloodied, the Kremlin under steady blows from the Luftwaffe, the desperate Soviet Triumvirate turns to the United States in a plea for aid against the mutual Nazi foe. Indifferently equipped, the young men of the American Air Expeditionary Force (AAEF) are thrown into action in order to keep the Soviet Union in the war.

December 1965. Tabitha Cobb, a Masters student at Berkley University, sets out to learn the truth about the AAEF and the scars it left on its survivors. Initially determined to have those close to her tell their version of events, Tabitha swiftly realizes some memories are best left sealed in their mental box.

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Category: Science Fiction - Alternative History

Acts of War (The Usurper's War Book Two)

August 1942. Adolf Hitler is dead at the hands of the RAF. The Third Reich has been victorious in a Second Battle of Britain. As Heinrich Himmler lands to sign the Treaty of Kent and America remains stubbornly neutral, Adam Cobb finds himself having to plan his escape from Great Britain.

In the Pacific, Admiral Tamon Yamaguchi finds himself preparing to execute the operation that was forestalled by Japan's decision to declare war on the Soviet Union in 1941: The defeat of the United States Navy in Hawaii.

For the Cobb family, the sudden shock of a vastly different World War II immediately strikes home. Forced to make decisions that will not only affect them personally, but the United States' entire national strategy, the five Cobb children are thrust into the maelstrom of an uncertain future.

Acts of War--A different Greatest Generation. A different World War II.

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Category: Science Fiction - Alternative History

Collisions of the Damned (The Usurper's War Book Three)

March 1943. The United States Fleet has been shattered at the Battle of Hawaii. Now both Allies and Japanese forces turn their efforts to the Dutch East Indies in an effort to swiftly end the war.

In the air, Flight Lieutenant Russell Wolford and his men use the new technology of radar to cripple the rising Japanese tide before sweeps all before it. On the seas, Commander Jacob Morton and other members of the Allied fleet attempt to use the new technology to counter years of neglect and poor training in night surface combat.

To the Imperial Japanese Navy, operations in the Dutch East Indies are expected to validate their years of preparation and the Bushido spirit. For even as they attack the Indies, men such as Tamon Yamaguchi realize that anything other than a swift, overwhelming victory will hinder the IJN's true objective: The Decisive Battle.

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Category: Science Fiction - Alternative History