Across the Galaxy

by Heather Hildenbrand

Seventeen year-old Alina is an alien. Not the foreign citizen kind, but the secret, I'm-from-another-planet-and-mean-you-no-harm kind. And so far, it’s worked. No one knows she’s an empress from a distant planet hiding here from the Shadows, the monsters who destroyed her home.

But her alien version of witness protection ends abruptly when she’s almost kidnapped by a hooded figure, eerily inhuman. To escape the danger, Alina is whisked away to a new planet where she meets Ander, a hottie with an attitude she can’t figure out. And Kent, a pretty boy whose smile holds enough wattage to power a small city. Suddenly, she’s thrown into all the situations she avoided on Earth.Flirting, boys--and teenage politics. And it’s getting harder and harder to blend in.

In this new world, Alina learns that the Shadows are more powerful than ever. And they haven’t given up looking for her...

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Category: Science Fiction - Alien Invasion