A Step to Nowhere

by Natasha A. Salnikova

All Sam wants is to get away from the rain. She doesn’t think of the possibility of meeting the man she is in love with, but to whom she has never admitted her feelings. They'd taken different life paths, but she couldn’t forget him. Suddenly, through the rain, she sees him. Sam stops abruptly and the person behind her runs into her. He drops his phone and Sam picks it up to give it back, but that person disappears. Not Ray. He invites Sam to spend the evening with him. Something happens between them and Sam forgets the stranger's phone and doesn’t check it until the next morning. She wants to find some number to call and return the thing, but instead she stumbles upon lots of messages that describe her every step. She tells Ray about it and he promises to help. Only Sam finds herself in a situation where it's easier to admit yourself as a mental case than to accept the reality.

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Category: Science Fiction - Adventure