A Path of Ashes

by Brian Parker

Our world is a violent place. Forces threaten to destroy our society, requiring the State to increase its response to these actions. Our own annihilation is barely held at bay by the belief that we’ve somehow evolved beyond our ancestors’ base desires.

When a group of computer hackers decides to change the world, they infiltrate the DoD network and initiate a global nuclear war that will irrevocably alter our world.

Aeric Gaines and his roommate Tyler survive the devastation of the war, only to find that the quaint little world where they’d been raised was a lie. Humans have basic needs such as food, water and shelter…and we haven’t forgotten how to fight for what we desire.

This is the first book in an exciting new series about life in post-apocalyptic America, a place devoid of leadership, electricity and human rights. Fireside, book two will be released Wed, November 11th!

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Category: Science Fiction - Post-Apocalyptic